Kurt Schwitters Autumn School

19-20 October 2012 Merz Barn, Cylinders Estate, Elterwater Langdale Cumbria LA22 9JB



Curating Merz
2012 Kurt Schwitters Memorial lecture, Professor Ute Meta Bauer

7.30pm Saturday 20th October

Professor Ute Meta Bauer, recently appointed Dean of Fine Arts at the Royal College of Art London, and formerly Chief Curator with the Kassel Documenta and also Director of the Berlin Biennale, will be giving the annual Kurt Schwitters memorial lecture, at 7.30pm on Saturday 20th Oct. at the Merz Barn, Langdale www.rca.ac.uk/

“The Merz Barn project in Cumbria presents a wonderful opportunity for artists, architects and curators, and art students to re-invent the new art pedagogies, and also study and learn from one of the great seminal experimental Modern art projects of the 20th century..”

Afterwards, at 9.00pm, there will be the 'Reading of the Names' and the inauguration of the Entartete Kunst (degenerate artists) memorial fundraising event, which will take place at Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn, at the Cylinders Estate, Elterwater.



'The Reading of the Names'
and launch of the Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art) Memorial project. 

7.30pm Saturday 20th October

Professor Meta Bauer will also inaugurate The Reading of the Names ceremony* and launch the international fundraising campaign to build a memorial plaza and public art work beside the Merz Barn, to honour the many early Modern era artists, composers, poets, musicians, etc. who, under Hitler and the German Nazis, were declared degenerate (Entartete Kunst).  As far as we know, there is as yet no formal memorial or designated public place in which to honour or remember all the artists who were interned, executed, or forced to flee their homes (and studios) and into exile by the Nazis. 

The Littoral Arts Trust, who look after the Merz Barn and sponsors of the project, aim to try and raise £30,000 by April 2013 to help pay for the costs of the construction of the Entartete Kunst memorial project.  This includes provision for the establishment of an Entartete Kunst and refugee artists archive and study center at the Merz Barn site. Artists, designers and architects, art students, etc. are also invited to volunteer their labour and skills to help with the memorial project, and the other building and restoration work projects proposed at the Merz Barn site in Langdale next year.

Professor Meta Bauer will give the artists' speech in honour of the ‘lost generation’ of Entartete Kunstlers, and our local Langdale Vicar George Wrigley and a Rabbi will also officiate, and read the Kaddish (prayer for the dead).  Cumbrian pipers and musicians will also provide the music accompaniment, and at the BBQ supper and concert for artists and guests which will take place afterwards at the Merz Barn.

*'The Reading of the Names' is being proposed as an annual event which will take place at the Merz Barn on the third week-end of October each year, at which artists, writers, musicians, singers, etc., will be invited to gather together to honour the memory, and also read out the names of the many artists, musicians, etc., who were persecuted, killed, or forced into exile by Hitler and the German Nazis.



“OFF GRID”- after the end of urbanism; curating the rural   Roundtable and seminar    

1-5pm Saturday 20th October

International architect Rem Koolhass recently stated that: “..[as] rural areas are ‘changing more radically than our cities’, architects, artists and designers should now turn their back on the discourse of urbanism, and critically re-engage with some of the exciting new intellectual, philosophical, aesthetic and creative challenges emerging in rural areas, and in the context of roll out of radical EU CAP Common Agriculture Policy agricultural change initiatives.. www.architectsjournal.co.uk/news/...

Professor Ute Meta Bauer, hitherto an international champion of urban-based international Biennales will respond to this challenge, and introduce and chair the half day roundtable research seminar. This will also address the proposition that “..the future key biennales are going to be about issues about rurality, food sovereignty, agriculture and environmental sustainability”, and also the need for new artists’ projects and related pedagogical and curatorial initiatives capable of addressing new aesthetic and critical interventions into rural and agriculture policy agendas. It will also discuss the findings of the Rural Cultural Strategy independent study report by John Holden (March 2012). The report’s main conclusions state:

It is clear that there has been a strong and on-going tendency for arts and cultural policy and funding over the past ten-fifteen years to be overwhelmingly preoccupied with the discourse of urbanism and in primarily serving the needs of the urban creative industries and arts-led post-industrial urban regeneration projects. The present situation is considered quite unfair and disadvantageous to rural communities with the result that the cultural needs, artistic aspirations and creative economic potentials of rural communities, rural creatives and artists are not being fully addressed or supported.

The Rural Cultural Strategy Working group (which includes senior policy officials from DEFRA, DCMS, Arts Council England Head office, and the RCF) have adopted the report, in principle, and are now considering implementing some of the reports recommendations. These include proposals for a Rural Biennale and an independent Cultural Strategy for rural and farming communities in England. Please see: www.ruralculture.org.uk

Roundtable presenters include: Dr Jan Harthold (Dutch Agriculture Ministry), Dr Terry McCormick

Action for Rural Communities Cumbria, Hayley Skipper (Curator of Art, UK Forestry Commission), Fernando Garcia Dory* (Indentro Rural Art project, Spain), Dr Ian Hunter (Rural Cultural Forum). *tbc

Admission to all events is free. But please book in advance for Professor Ute Meta Bauers’s lecture and the “OFF GRID” seminar.

For more information contact the Littoral Arts Trust:
e. littoral@btopenworld.com
t. 015394 37309 m. 07796 607 167

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